CPD Program (Series2)
Advanced Construction Technology & other Related Topics


Ir. Wong is a recently retired member of the City University. Besides serving as a full-time academic staff in the University for 28 years, he also engaged as an independent researcher focusing on complex construction systems, infrastructure and urban development studies, both locally and overseas. In the past 15 years, he is frequently invited by many HK’s professional institutions as a guest speaker to deliver talks.

What is special about this Program

We try to bring in an in-depth understanding about construction, engineering and infrastructure developments to the program participants using the 30 years of substantial experience from a retired engineer/academic/ researcher who studied and followed-up continuously a great number of construction projects both locally and in mainland.


Program Content

* a 3-hour CPD certificate will be issued upon the completion of each talk

Building & Construction technology related topics Tuesday meeting

Talk 1  –  Large-Scale & Complex Basement/Underground Structures 3 August 2021
Talk 2  –  Prefabricated Construction for Building and Civil Works 10 August 2021
Talk 3  –  Construction of Super High-rise Composite Structures 17 August 2021
Talk 4  –  Advanced Formwork Systems for Building and Civil Works 24 August 2021
Talk 5  –  Practical Aspects of Construction and Site Safety 31 August 2021
Talk 6  –  Demolition within Urban Environment 7 September 2021
Talk 7 – Highlight on China’s representing building project cases 14 September 2021


Civil technology related topics Thursday meeting

Talk 8  –  Review the design and construction of recent Railway projects 5 August 2021
Talk 9 –  Review the design and construction of recent Highway projects 12 August 2021
Talk 10  –  Review the design and construction of HK’s major bridges 19 August 2021
Talk 11  –  Review HK’s major marine and coastal engineering projects 26 August 2021
Talk 12 – Major projects with large-scale site formation and slope works 2 September 2021
Talk 13 – Tunnelling technology, recent representing Hong Kong’s cases 9 September 2021
Talk 14 – Representing China environment regeneration projects 16 September 2021


Project studies series Friday meeting

Talk 15 – Detail report on two major HK highway projects – construction of Route 8 and Central Wanchai Bypass 13 August 2021
Talk 16 – Detail report on two major HK railway projects – construction of the Express Rail and Shatin-Central Link 20 August 2021
Talk 17 – Report on recent mega projects in China (including projects in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Quiyang and Chongqing 27 August 2021


Topics related heritage studies Monday meeting

Talk 18 – Understand heritage, its application & HK’s representing cases 9 August 2021
Talk 19 – Conservation of heritage, China practices & representing cases 16 August 2021
Talk 20 – Conservation of heritage, International practices and representing cases 23 August 2021

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Commencement Date


The first talk will commence on 3 August 2021
Up till mid-September 2021
All talks start from 6:45pm up to 9:45pm



Webinar in Zoom-based format



【Program Fee】
HK$2500 or $2,000* for all talks (total 20 talks)

【Discount Price】
Joining 5 or more talks HK$200 or $160* for each talk

【Normal Price】
Joining any talk in any selected series of program
 HK$240 or $200* for each talk

* Early bird discount if registered before 20 July 2021

Language Medium


Cantonese (all course materials in English)

Application Deadline


20th August 2021 (late registration can still be accepted subject to request)


Special note: A similar program has been delivered in March this year. Upon requested, the program this time is a simplified version to response to other interested fans of the speaker, Ir Raymond Wong, so that they can have further chance to share Raymond’s experience.


Other Information [email protected]
Administration matters:Ms Erica Tam 9245 2700(e-mail: [email protected])
Course Details:Raymond Wong 6082 8928 (e-mail:[email protected])

CPD Program (Series 2)

Advanced Construction Technology & other Related Topics